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The Zepcam Cloud Service is the plug & play cloud solution of Zepcam to view and manage Zepcam Live cameras.

The Zepcam Cloud Service is hosted and managed by Zepcam and makes remote viewing of live video feeds from colleagues in the field real easy and reliable.

To view live images, audio and GPS position Zepcam offers the browser based Zepcam Video Viewer. Existing video management software (VMS) or command and control rooms get access via our API.

The image below shows the network solution

Advantages of the Zepcam Cloud Service:

·      Plug & play solution hosted and managed by Zepcam. No support needed of own IT organisation.

·      Viewing of live video streams via browser solution

·      View and manage streams on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

·      Simultane viewing of live video, audio and GPS position on map. Several views available: 1, 2, 4 or more cameras

·      Web application contains map to track real time online Zepcam devices

·      Secure solution, multi level security to seriously protect your organisations data streams and storage

·      API available for integration with existing video management systems. The Zepcam system is ONVIF compatible

·      Current integrations oa Genetec, Milestone, Cisco VSOM and several command & control centers of police organizations

·      Remote management of Zepcam devices in the field, e.g. start / stop recording, check battery live, audio on/off, over the air firmware updates

·      Support of PTZ camaeras (PELCO). Manage PTZ camera from browser application is possible.

·      Low latency for live streams due to smart software, adaptive bandwidth management, power servers and access to Internet backbone

·      On server storage of streamed video, audio and data. Files are downloadable.

·      Easily share live images with others

·      Built to receive video streams of more Zepcam devices (body worn, on car camera, temporary CCTV camera’s, PTZ).

·      Cloud solution makes sure you have always the latest software and functionalities

For clients that do not want to use the Zepcam Cloud Service, we offer the Zepcam Video Server software. This software runs on a client owned or controlled server and contains the same functionalities as the Zepcam Cloud Service