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Zepcam T2 bodycam

Easy, Secure And Scalable

With a modern and sleek design the Zepcam T2 bodycam is very light to wear and simple to use. With a single press on the big button the user can start or stop recording. By pressing the smaller button the user can 'tag' the videorecording. Meaning that a specific timestamp is created with that tag, so that it can be found faster with the use of video management software. Because of the two-button design there is less risk of operator error. The T2 bodycam has a wide range of mounts for different kind of uses. The ruggedized system is developed for use in law enforcement, security, first responders, fire departments, public transport and industry.

Benefits of the Zepcam T2 Bodycam:

  • The T2 bodycam is compact and easy to use due to a two-button design and therefore provides less risk of operator error.
  • In combination with the Zepcam docking station charging and offloading videos is plug and play.
  • The videos will be stored and managed on the Zepcam cloud or your own server.
  • The videos can be viewed and managed with Zepcam software or 3rd party video management systems.
Compact and easy to use bodycams Docking station for data exchange and fast recharge Store and manage on the Zepcam cloud or own server Zepcam software or 3rd party video management systems