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Hands free video recording for evidence and security

The Zepcam T1 is a body-worn video recording system developed for professionals in public safety. The Zepcam is designed for use in rugged & outdoor environments.

The Zepcam T1 is a complete and integrated body-worn video recording system: users can record high quality videos with maximum freedom of movement. The Zepcam T1 is used by a broad range of professionals, e.g. police, fire departments, military, security personnel, rescue teams and sport athletes.

Zepcam video can be replayed on the Zepcam or on a PC or MAC. Encryption and login ensure that only authorized persons can watch the recorded videos.
The Zepcam T1 consists of 3 MAIN PARTS that can be worn on the body: camera, recorder and a wireless remote control.
The Zepcam product range is developed in close cooperation with experts and users in the field: police officers, fire fighters and athletes. During development the focus has always been clear:

High quality video and audio – day & night
-    TV quality recording (D1)
-    high light sensitivity recording for night recording
-    fast adjustment in light changes

User friendly design – hardware & software
-    clear and intuitive use
-    wireless remote control with status leds for recording
-    comfortable mounting on head, body or helmet

Data security – authentication & prevention of unauthorized distribution
-    prevent that  video recordings can be viewed by unauthorized persons in order (for privacy and legal reasons)
-    date & time stamps / officer ID / GPS coordinates / watermark
-    login & video encryption

High level of reliability – rugged hardware & robust software design
-    water proof, dust proof & shock proof
-    Linux operating system
-    Standby time: 15 hours; recording time: 5 hours

Modular & wide range of accessories
-    Plug & play GPS module & several camera solutions
-    New software features by firmware updates
-    Wide range of mounting options
-    Future options: Live video & IR recording