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Live images fast and easy from helm camera to command & control room

The Zepcam T1 Live is a body-worn video system that is able to stream video and data to computers and command & control centres. The system is developed for professionals in public safety, specials operations and industry.
The Zepcam T1 Live is an effective solution for:  
-        Improving situalional awareness in command & control rooms
-        Improving personell safety
-        Remote support at industrial installations & infrastructure
-        Gather video evidence
The Zepcam T1 Live is an extension of the succesfull Zepcam T1 series, the number one public safety bodycam system in Europe.
The T1 Live system seamlessly integrates field devices, firmware, network IT and client site application. This results in a very robust product that is user friendly, reliable and has a wide range of applications.
The Zepcam T1 Live hardware exists of 4 body-worn elements: the camera the recorder, wireless remote control and the live unit for wireless transmission (3G, Wi-Fi).

The Zepcam prodcut range is developed in close cooperation with experts and end users like: Police, Special Operations teams and Industry.
High quality video and audio – day & night

-        Streaming video in TV (D1) and CIF quality

-        High light sensitivity recording for night recording

-        Fast adjustment in light changes


User friendly design - hardware & software

-        clear and intuitive use

-        wireless remote control with status leds for recording

-        comfortable mounting on head, body or helmet


Video, Audio & GPS data streaming via 3G, Wi-Fi
-        very compact transmission unit with antenneas for 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS
-        dynamic bandwidth managemnet for robust wireless connection
-        adjustable bandwidth, frames per second and bitrate


Integrated and secure solution for wireless netwerk and remote video viewing

-        Zepcam Video Server for bandwidth management, storage and transcoding

-        available as cloud solution and client owned server

-        API for command & control center integration

-        browser based application for remote video viewing


 Remote Video Viewing & Management

-        Browser based application for video viewing

-        GPS position on geographical map

-        Remote start / stop streaming of devices in the field

-        Remote trigger & stream high resolution snapshots


Integration with existing command & control infrastructure

-        clear API available for integration with 3rd party software

-        video, audio & GPS

-        IT support and customization by Zepcam staff


Data security, authentication & prevention of unauthorized distribution

-        VPN for wireless transmission

-        Prevent tha video recordings can be viewed by untauthorized persons in order (for privacy and legal reasons)

-        Date & time stamps / officer ID / GPS coordinates and watermark

-        Login + video encryption


High level of reliability – rugged hardware & robust software design

-        water proof, dust proof & shock proof

-        Linux operating system

-        standby: 30 hours; recording: 9 hours; streaming: 5 hours


Economic solution

-        low 3G data cost through intelligent bandwidth management technology

-        Wi-Fi streaming available

-        adjustable maxi bandwidth and frames per secobnd (snapshot mode)


Modular & wide range of accessories

-        several cameras, eg. IR cam, clipcam of spycam

-        new software features through firmware updates (over the air)

-        Wide range of mounting options

-        exchangable live units in near future (eg LTE , Wimax)


Training & support by specialists

-        Individual and group training

-        Support by telephone, email and website

-        Experienced and knowledgable specialists


The Zepcam organization: experienced, reliable, innovative

-        Zepcam is Europe's specialist & producer of body-worn video systems

-        State of the art development by in house R&D team

-        Customization is possible for hardware and software

De Zepcam T1 Live comes with a complete network solution. With a single button press officers in the field send live images to colleagues in the command & control center. Real time, easy and secure. 
Zepcam Live Video Netwerk architecture
Sample video: Zepcam T1 Live video recording streamed over 3G

Sample video: client side interface with streaming video and synchronized GPS position plotted on a map