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Plug & play solution for wireless PTZ cameras
The Zepcam Mobile PTZ is a complete and fully integrated solution for controlling PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras remotely and stream video via wireless networks. Zepcam’s PTZ cameras can instantly be deployed for streaming video combinedwith GPS position from any location or vehicle to a computer, tablet or command & control room. Fast, simple, reliable, plug & play ready and last but not least cost efficient.
The Zepcam Mobile PTZ: endless possibilities for mobile camera surveillance
·         Mobile camera surveillance (infinite or temporary) at locations where regular internet access is not available.
·         Can be placed on any vehice or vessel to enable remote monitoring and control.
·         Offers unlimited surveillance options for police, detective forces, security forces or military
The Zepcam Mobile PTZ is used by salvage service companies, logistic companies, safety & security companies, police, fire brigades, ambulances, customs, port authorities, industrial sites and events.
Plug & play installation: set up a live stream in 3 simple steps:
Step 1. Place camera and transmission box
Step 2. Turn on transmission box
Step 3. Watch live footage on computers, tablets and/or command and control rooms.
Zepcam Mobile PTZ technology conists of four components:
1.  PTZ camera: make a choice from various ruggedized, weather proof PTZ cameras: compact, large or thermal (available soon).
2.  Zepcam Transmission Box: connected to the PTZ camera, Zepcam technology inside for wireless transmisison and remote control. GPS, batteries and external power sources in ruggedized Peli case, video streams to Zepcam Video Server, transmission via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G/LTE.
3.  Zepcam Video Server: process inbound video and data streams, video storage, bandwidth management. Video and data transmitted to command and control room or Zepcam browser. Available as Zepcam managed cloud service or own server solution.
4.  Viewing software: enables remote viewing of video and GPS position, control the PTZ camera remotely, available as browser or integrated with video management system or command and control room.
Zepcam Mobile PTZ summary:
- ​Live video for remote colleagues and specialists
- Efficient because specialists can directly be involved/engaged remotely
- Improved safety of staff in the field because of “remote eyes
- Plug & play solution (no IT support needed)
- Proven technology (safe and secure)
- Several cameras available
- Live video, audio + GPS position
- PTZ camera can be controlled remotely (from tablet, PC, command and control room)
- Video sharing
- Modular en flexible
- Possibilities for customization
- Simple integration with command and control rooms and video management systems