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Plug & play solution for wireless HD Video streaming of security cameras using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi

The Zepcam Mobile Video Box (M2-MVB) is a reliable, secure and professional solution for wireless video surveillance using HD IP cameras. The Mobile Video Box can be installed on walls, poles, trucks or other surfaces. With the Mobile video box you have IP and PAL (PTZ) cameras up and running in no time. And live HD video from any location to any screen.

Possible applications:

  • Mobile camera surveillance (fixed or flexible) on locations without internet or power connection
  • Live video from vehicles, ships and other moving objects
  • Observation by police, fire department, defense, security and detectives
  • Security of events, crime scenes or other activities
  • Construction site security and remote safety checks
  • Temporary streaming of existing CCTV camera's to PC and Tablet
  • Integrated solution for vehcile cams and body-worn video


The Zepcam Mobile Video Box is developed for Police, Fire brigades, ambulance, border patrol, shipyards, industry sites, events, security company's and transport companies.

Easy installation

Step 1. Connect camera to Mobile Video Box
Step 2. Switch on Mobile Video Box
Step 3. Watch live images in your browser on pc, tablet or control room

The Zepcam Mobile Video solution exists of 4 components

The Mobile Video Box, Zepcam Video Server and browser application will be supplied by Zepcam, the client can use a Zepcam Icamera or selects its own.

Camera with IP output

A camera with IP output: which will be connected to the Zepcam Mobile Video Box. The M2-MVb supports Full HD IP cameras. Up to 4 cameras can be connected.

The Zepcam Mobile Video Box

The Zepcam Mobile Video Box: connected to one or more cameras, contains the Zepcam technology for wireless transmission, GPS, external power. Video and other data is stored in the box and real-time streamed to Zepcam Video Server.

Zepcam Video Server

Zepcam Video Server: controls incoming video and data streams, video storage, bandwith management. Images and data are send by video server to Zepcam browser applicatie. Available as Zepcam managed cloud service or own server solution.

Viewing Application

Viewing Application: remote watching of Live streaming images, audio, GPS position and controlling PTZ camera all in one browser application or integrated woth existing video management systems like Milestone, Genetec, OnSSi, Cisco VSOM and more.