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Body Worn Video

ZEPCAM offers solutions for body-worn video recording systems for professional use. Complete solutions, from high end electronics to handy camera mounts, from waterproof products to live video streaming via 3G and Wi-Fi.

The body worn video products of Zepcam are easy to use, have state of art technology and are highly ruggized. Our products are developed in close cooperation with end users from police, fire departments, special forces.

Zepcam offers an integrated back end solution for live streaming video, audio and GPS data. This enables real time tracking and real time video of colleagues in the field: secure, plug & play and scalable with mimium IT integration.

This back-end solution is available as cloud solution or as own server solution.


The ZEPCAM products are being used for video proof in public safety, security and observation, to increase safety of personnel in the field,  to improve situational awareness for command & control, video documentation and industrial inspection, point of view recording for TV and Sport.