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Thursday 02 March 2017, 08:45
Zepcam introduces new T2 Bodycam at Enforce Tac security expo in Germany

Integrated bodycam platform for police, first responders and security

T2 Bodycam

Zaltbommel, 1 March 2017 – The Dutch company Zepcam - European pioneer in body-worn technology - is expanding its product portfolio with the T2 bodycam. The T2 Bodycam is a compact and body-worn video camera developed for professional use. The T2 Bodycam allows users to record high quality video with 1 push of a button. The T2 is ultra-compact, very simple to use and enables recording of high quality video in day and night scenes. In addition, Zepcam offers an integrated server solution for storage and management of video footage.

Bart van der Aa, CEO Zepcam: ‘We are working intensively with police forces all over the world and we have used the received feedback in the development process of the T2 bodycam. The introduction of the simple to use and competitively priced T2 bodycam is a great addition to Zepcam’s product portfolio of mobile video solutions in the fast growing market of compact body cameras. Zepcam is the first supplier of an integrated platform for live streaming video and compact record-only bodycam solutions.’

Enhanced security, transparency and efficiency thanks to a visibly body-worn camera
The T2 bodycam system is Zepcam's answer to the increasing demand for professional body cameras for the public safety domain (including police, public transport and event security). The main advantages of body cameras are:

·         Enhanced security: visibly worn cameras result in reduced aggression against personnel in the field

·         Effective and convincing audio and video evidence

·         Integrated video server and video management software result in efficiency improvements

The recent investments in body-worn video technology by the Obama administration boosted the U.S. body camera market. The positive experiences in the United States are now sparking bodycam use in public safety domains in Europe and Asia.

Future proof platform for more than just bodycams
Zepcam’s docking station allows instant automatic transfer of recorded video footage of the T2 bodycams to the Zepcam platform via secure VPN networks. The Zepcam platform is available as a cloud server solution or as stand-alone server solution. The Zepcam platform is flexible and future proof. Other mobile video solutions such as 4G/wifi streaming bodycams and Zepcam’s Mobile Video Box can be seamlessly integrated with the platform.

Zepcam offers clients an unique solution with its integrated and open platform for all their mobile cameras: body cameras, vehicle cams, drone cams for record-only and live streaming. In addition, the Zepcam platform integrates seamlessly with existing command & control room software.

For more information check: https://t2-bodycam.zepcam.com/

T2 Docking station

About Zepcam
Zepcam is a European pioneer in bodycam technology since 2009 serving clients in more than 40 countries including police forces in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Zepcam offers mobile video solutions including record-only bodycams, streaming bodycams via 4G/WiFi networks, Mobile Video Box for mobile video surveillance and integrated back-end software solutions.



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