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Monday 30 January 2017, 17:24
Research into body camera use by police forces

Researcher Sander Flight examined whether bodycamera's have value to policing. In his search he came across 9 foreign researches (USA, UK and Canada) that questioned if using body cameras would reduce agression. Five of the nine studies showed that this was the case, ranging from 14% to 87% less violence.

What stands out from his research is the finding that a bodycam doesnt work by itself. It’s important that the body camera can be used for police work and is capable of a number of things such as having a very wide viewing angle, can be attached to uniforms, LED feedback on status and how long and where all the captured images are saved.

The researcher recommends using a follow-up study to measure the effects of bodycam use in the Netherlands. This follow-up study in which pilots are evaluated, may reveal how, where, in what circumstances and in what manner equipping the police with body cameras could go properly.

Want to know more?
The entire report is available on the website Politie & Wetenschap (Dutch).