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Live video fast and easy from helmet camera to command & control room


The succesfull Zepcam T1 helmet camera product range will be extended with the Zepcam Live Module. This extension will make it possible to stream live video images over 3G or WiFi networks to command & control rooms, computers and mobile devices.
The Zepcam Live Module can be connected to the Zepcam recorder, is very compact and can be flexibly worn on the body to optimize network connection. Besides video the system also transmits GPS location or biometric data like heart rate.
The combination of 3G, Wi-Fi and smart bandwidth management technology results in excellent connectivity and low data transmission cost. The system is able to record and stream TV quality video (D1, 720x576 resolution).
The Zepcam Live Module comes with a complete network solution. A single press on the stream button results in live images to colleagues in the command & control room, to a tablet PC or browser. Easy, robust and secure.
Users of  the Zepcam T1 products include police departments, fire departments, first responders, military police, special forces, training institutes, municipalities, industry, extreme sport athletes and security companies. The T1 product line is strongly valued for its ease of use, ruggedness, excelent video quality (day & night) and robust security. Now also availabe with streaming video.
The Zepcam T1 Live is an effective solution to:
- increase employee security
- create better situational awareness for command & control decisions
- gather video evidence
- enable remote engineering
The system is developed for use by law enforcement, fire brigades, first responders, industry, security firms, special ops teams, civil guards and training. 
Brochure:  download
Available: October 2011
Sample video:


Sample video: client side interface with streaming video and synchronized GPS position on map