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Zepcam delivers its products, solutions and services to clients throughout the world to government and government related institutions en commercial businesses.


In doing so, Zepcam adhers to certain business principles which the company finds important for building a sustainable business.


These business principles are:


- Zepcam fully complies with trade restrictions as imposed by the UN, the US, the EU and the Netherlands.


- Zepcam will use its best effort to ensure that its products and solutions will not be delivered directly nor indirectly to governments or government institutions that are expected to use the products or solutions to oppress their own people.


- Zepcam distributes its products and solutions through agents and partners in various countries. These agents and partners are being paid a contractual fee on the basis of revenues they generate.  These fees are invoiced and properly documented. Zepcam will not pay any other remuneration to any other party in a business transaction and will not tolerate its business partners to do so unless formally and transparently agreed and fully compliant with internationally accepted business standards.


- Zepcam respects intellectual property rights of its business partners and expects its employees to act accordingly.


- Zepcam communicates its business principles to all employees and business partners on a regular basis. Violation of the business principles can be a reason for dismissal or termination of the business relation.